You could speak at our next conference!

You could speak at our next conference!

DeveloperWeek Global

June 16–17, 2020

DeveloperWeek Global 2020 is the world’s largest virtual developer & engineering conference, where thousands of participants from across the globe converge online for 100+ keynote & technical talks, developer technology virtual pitch contest, developer awards, virtual hackathon, virtual expo, and prizes for supporting the developer community.

DeveloperWeek Global: DevOps

July 28, 2020

DeveloperWeek Global: DevOps virtual conference is the largest digital convergence of DevOps engineers, DevOps managers, and dev professionals who want a landscape view of the DevOps innovation. DevOps is at the intersection of software development with IT / Cloud management, and we will cover new technologies and best practices in scalability & monitoring, continuous integration, dev security ops, API ops, and containers / kubernetes. This conference invites all dev professionals who want an introductory or advanced overview of DevOps innovation & best practices.

DeveloperWeek Global: Architecture

September 15, 2020

The DeveloperWeek Global: Architecture virtual conference showcases the newest technology innovations and best practices in software development architecture including microservices, serverless, containers & kubernetes, and overall decentralization / portability. This conference will showcase success stories in moving to a cloud-based, decentralized, or containerized architecture, as well as technical workshops on new innovations, and dev management perspectives on project goals.

DeveloperWeek Global: DevTools

November 10, 2020

The past decade has seen an explosion of innovation in developer tools and technologies: from code collaboration and code management to new coding languages and frameworks, to APIs and bug-tracking. Join 2,000+ dev professionals at the largest virtual conference covering the newest developer tools, technologies, and best practices. Dev tools are not just about project management any more, at DeveloperWeek Global: DevTools we showcase how every component of the developer process can be made more efficient with new dev technologies.

DeveloperWeek Global: Dev Management

December 15, 2020

Join 2,000 dev management & dev executive professionals at the largest online convergence of the engineering management community. The DeveloperWeek Global: Dev Management virtual conference will interview top engineering executives on their company success stories and methodologies for development management. How do you hire top developers? What roles make up the optimal dev team? What emerging technologies do dev managers need to know about? These are the topics we will discuss at DeveloperWeek Global: Dev Management.